Studio pictures: I started this project with Alan Skinner in May of 2001. It's nearly a year now, it's shaping up quite nice. This is a Sound Recording Studio that I intend to use mainly for My CD projects for myself and Friends. It should be fun. Woo Hoo!
This is the Studio door and the Custom desk that Alan and I built.
This is the finished Iso booth.
This is Sound board, which is the 2nd layer of material attached over regular Sheet rock and insulated with R13, and R19 in the ceiling. Every layer has been sealed either with caulk or Sealant foam.
This is the Double pane Glass, one layer 3/8 inch thick, the other 1/4 inch. One piece is angled so as to provide displacement of air movement thru the glass. By the time it gets to the other side, it dissapates alot! It took Alan and me two hours to clean the inside surfaces, because once it's sealed... it's sealed in with Silcon, never to be touched again! Timmed in Oak again.

This is the Double pane Glass from the Control booth side. The Control booth is about 15 feet back from the Window for Optimum workspace and sound Control. I decided to Leave this room with the Fireplace, as a lounge for Musicians to kick it, while Uptight Singers Take their sweet time... doh... what am I saying... I'm a Singer! ;-)

This is the 4th and 5th layer of the Panels panels. It has another layer of sheet rock, and then some Veralex sound blocker, and Finally the Aucoustic tile! We trimmed everything in Oak, and let the Veralex show thru behind the lights. Nice effect, huh!
The lights will be sealed with Plexiglass for Optimum sound blokage!
This is the Final layer going up on the wall.. I've got to different types of the material... mostly for aesthetic reasons, but some for different materials reduce reflections... reverb! I'm trying to be a little creative with the layout. We're gonna put a black light in the room to add to the visual effect. Woo hoo!

This is the 4th layer of the wall panels. It has another layer of sheet rock, and then some Veralex sound blocker! This was a bear to put up, and it took awhile... The Venting was another problem, but was easily fixed by using 25 foot pliable ducting. In shaping into S's behind the wall, Air flow still happens, but sound practically can't get thru. As a matter of fact, you can hear more from the wall component than the vent. So, once it's sealed, it shoud be good to go!