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Concerts Amuk!

Ok... in reality... this is my 4th time seeing Paul McCartney in 4 years. Again, a great show. The Man is amazing... talent ooozing out of him... where does it come from???? I dunno. This time the show was at the Arco Arena in Sacramento, which is much nicer to get in and out of than say... the Oakland Colesium.
First off... let me describe the stage. The whole band was setup on some sort of plexiglass surface with tv monitors underneath... That's right.. the whole floor. The floor curved back underneath the band and became vertical behind the band, but seamless, except for the welds and bars between all of the monitors. These monitors were probably 20x20 inches square. Behind that, were another set of monitors which were more like 75x75 inches square. Onto these monitors where all sorts of images that would be as one monitor most of the time. Mucho Denero. Over the Stage was a massive monitor, not rear screen, but a plasma, that looked like it measured about 15 x 20 feet. It mightv'e been bigger. The Opening of the show was a Rave DJ, I guess he was good.... hmmmm! Well, it then proceeded to a TV screen light show on the big screen Pros: The show was amazing again... Paul still has that amazing voice, and put to some of the greatest pop songwriting in history, couple with some of the hottest musicians... man.. it was great. Paul was lookin' good for a 60+ man... he's in great shape, and was playing for about 3 hours. Not Bad!... Cons: Well.. I have nothing against Rave DJ guys, other than I don't consider them Musicians, but I do have something against paying to see Paul, and then having to sit thru 25 minutes of BS that this guy slams together. If I'd paid to see a Rave guy doing this.. I'd have paid 10 bucks.. not $90. Come on Paul... that was cheezy.

Movie of the month!

Still, Spidey has the Web Award... LOL Well, what can I say... this movie was awesome. This is the Best of the Super Hero routine movies. And it was kewl that they got Toby Mcguire to do this part. I didn't realize he was in that kinda shape. LOL. Since this is a little late.. I'll make this a very quick review. If you haven't seen it yet.. do yourself a favor and go see it, unless you don't like fantasy/Sci Fi type movies. This one is Awesome!

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How's the weather?
Ok, Ok, ok... it's been rainin' way too long for California... must be that 11 year cycle. I dunno. Anyway, It's really nice out today, and I'm gonna grab my raquets and go bash some around.

Bye till next time... if you'd like to chat.... my AOL/IM buddy name is buktu42,
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